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Orientation days: from Sept. 14, 2023
9:00 AM Amphi E
Start Sept. 18, 2023
9:00AM D109
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Year Planning on ADE Year Calendar Regulations
GreHack: 2023-11-17
Forum: 2023-10-12

Cybersecurity is a second year program (Master 2 with semesters 9 and 10) of the Mathematics and Computer Science Masters. Courses are in English and the program follows a first year Master 1 in Mathematics or Computer Science or equivalent (for instance at UGA: M1 AM English, M1 MOSIG English, M1 Mathématiques Français, M1 informatique Français).

The economical impact of losses due to cybercriminality is estimated to several hundreds of billions of euros per year (even 2000 billions of dollars, according to a Forbes study in 2019) wih a large increase in attacks, for instance identity and data thefts and malicious attacks.

Vulnerabilities and Protections are covered, with for instance:

  • Robustness of critical infrastructures when facing cyberattacks (e.g., stuxnet, wannacry),
  • Robustness of security components when facing software vulnerabilities and data leakage (e. g., heartbleed),
  • Privacy protection and cloud infrastructure security,
  • Robust design and evaluation of security components,
  • Detection of vulnerabilities in protocols for hardware and software components (e.g., meltdown, spectre).

Topics covered in the training include additional areas of Cybersecurity, such as cryptology, forensics, fuzzing or anonymization, especially for embedded systems and distributed architectures.

Course listing, mandatory and optional, for Semester 9

All mandatory courses for Semester 9 (first semester of the second year of the Master) are in English.

Semester 9 ECTS
Software security, secure programming and computer forensic Presentation Course page 3
Security architectures : network, system, key managements, blockchains, cybersecurity of industrial IT Presentation Course page 6
Cryptographic engineering, protocols and security models, data privacy, coding and applications Presentation Course page 6
Threat and risk analysis, IT security audit and norms Presentation Course page 3
Physical Security : Embedded, Smart Card, Quantum Presentation Course page 6


Students also have to chose on elective course among the two following possibilities:

Semester 9 ECTS
Advanced Cryptology
Advanced Security

Internship, for Semester 10

Semester 10 is dedicated to a project, either a research one or in industry: offers, instructions (for instance: UGA general information , application sheet UGA, e-stage INP, evaluation sheet).

Semester 10 ECTS
Master thesis/Internship 30
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